ECSTATIC as you know is defined as,

“Feeling or expressing over whelming happiness or being euphoric, rapturous, joyful and blissful.”

CONCEPT is an abstract idea, “something conceived in mind” a “thought” a “notion” abstract as generic generalized from particular instances.


ECSTATIC VISION Involves an experience of mystic self-transcendence, to be extremely happy as high as a kite in the sky.


When you are at ECSTATIC CONCEPTS INC., you enjoy the “IDEA” the “VISION” a “CONCEPT COME TURE” and be in a “STATE OF BLISSFULNESS”.

Khushwant S. Toor, among other team members is the driving force behind Ecstatic Concepts Inc.

Having done Bachelors of Engineering, got master’s degree in newly conceived course by University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, MBET (masters of business entrepreneurship and Technology), is also a registered Trademark Agent, has unique vision and has the skill and capacity to give concrete shape to a concept, a vision, a dream ambition.